Bali & Lombok

Bali, another place I wanted to go since years. First we landed in Kuta on Bali, a very touristy and busy party town where we stayed for some nights close to the beach,  but as it was still off season it was quite relaxed.

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Up along Australian’s East Coast

Leaving the Great Ocean Road behind us, we continued driving 2000 km up along the east coast until Brisbane / Sunshine Coast within 1 month. You could spent several months for this journey as there were so many amazing places we wanted to stop in a constantly changing environment…but time was limited.

Our first stop east from Melbourne (not really East Coast yet…but close;) was Sandy Point, a great kitesurf spot. Locals say it is the windiest place around Melbourne…and I guess they are right…. we flew almost away with our smallest kite sizes, but had 2 days of greatest fun!


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Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road

From Perth we flew to Melbourne and got again fantastically welcomed by Nikki & Robin, the great fellows that we had the pleasure to meet in Galapagos last year. They took us for a tour to the South of Melbourne, close of Rosebud, where it was supposed to be a bit windy – means Steffen taught Robin a bit of flying the kite. And the good news is, as it is a bay, THERE ARE NO SHARKS there! Uhuu^^


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Philippines archipelago

After Thailand we flew to the Philippines to meet Vera and Oli, so that Steffen (and I) could enjoy again the pleasures of one of his (our) favorite sport! I was enthusiastic of living a second experience of travel in this continent, completely new for me… We thought discovering a bit of this archipelago (composed by more than 7 000 islands) might be very exciting, as we will use boats as main way of transportation! I did not know at that time what was awaiting us…

Our first destination was Cuyo island, chosen for its windy conditions and not so touristy yet (because the way to get there is REALLY long!)


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Here we go again: starting to discover Asia!

Here we go again! After 5 months in Zurich, we are continuing the second part of our travel.

The last weeks of December has been: celebrate Christmas in France & Germany, come back to Zürich, finish packing, load the car, leave the flat, drive down to Barcelona, put back ALL our stuff into the storage room (it’s a bit like playing Tetris until the last row), see some friends (unfortunately, lot of you where on holidays or at their families) and finally hopped on the plane, direction Bangkok on December the 30th! Landing in Bangkok was quite frightening with a plane dancing on the piste, either on the right wheel or on the left one, but finally, we arrived safe and released!

New Year's eve

Just arrived, we celebrated directly New Year’s eve at the guesthouse which prepared a wonderful dinner in a very warm ambient… us still having a big jet lag, even after a 3 hours of siesta, but super curious about our new environment. Continue reading